Being Single

Today’s the most hated day of the year. Yet that being said, today I had a great time with my girl friends.

Valentine’s day, the day where you show that special someone that you love them. It’s a day dedicated to love. Yet in my mind, that love is only between two individuals. I remember making a huge deal one year on how I hated the fact that every couple celebrated this day, and yet I couldn’t. I’m always that girl who likes to follow the norm.

Now I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t be caring. The problem is I’ve changed my thought process but keeping that in mind, I still want that void to be filled. And it doesn’t help when social media comes to light, and when you think everyone is posting about what they’ve received or done.

This is where your friends come in. I have these two friends who just let me be. They accompany me to eat desserts and make sure I don’t go to the mall to see the Valentine’s decorations.

So where did we go? If you want rich, chocolate decadence, try going to 0109 Dessert & Chocolates in Markham. I’m a huge dessert fan, and so I had to check this place out. This is my second time going and I got their special lava molten cake. When you cut into it, it’s gooey in the middle and warm. I love desserts, but I would suggest you share it with someone if you can, it’s super rich with supposedly 70% lindt chocolate. Enjoy!

Service: 6/10 (we had a new employee who didn’t know anything about the menu)
Atmosphere: 8/10 (clean,  nice display of truffles, spacious)
Food: 7/10 (Lots of different desserts to choose from)



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