Gramerci Design

I recently fell in love with this brand Gramerci Design. How did I find them? Via Instagram.  They have a lot of affordable pieces even though I can say the CDN dollar isn’t doing good with the US dollar.Their designs are simple, elegant and timeless.

I love looking at fashion, especially when it comes to women who dress themselves sophisticated like Wendy’s Lookbook. I can’t say I’m great at putting pieces together, but I do love my blazers. That being said, I love blazers paired with a pair of jeans with high black boots. The casual, yet a side of professionalism. So essentially, I was browsing and stumbled upon their brand. I decided to check it out as I don’t have a lot of jewelry pieces. I figured I could buy a few pieces if I wanted to, since before I loved wearing watches but currently I don’t have the money to invest in any nice pieces.

So I found a few pieces that I love. If you don’t know me, I usually am an impulsive buyer. When I see something I want, I usually end up getting it regardless of the price. So since I was a first time buyer, they gave a 10% off coupon. I originally wanted a specific ring they had, but I’ve never bought a ring before so I didn’t know anything about the sizing so I forgo the idea. I bought a gold bar necklace and verdi buckle bracelet. Then it came to valentine’s day where they had a special promo of 20% so I ended up clio half moon ring and panama roman numeral bracelet.

I was pretty impressed with the shipment of the order. It arrived fairly quick within 3-4 days. Their package is pretty simple but still beautifully wrapped for the most part. I was more than satisfied on most of the jewelry except for the gold bar necklace that was tangled into a knot and I spent 2 hours trying to unwind it.

Price: 6.5/10 (just due to the FX conversion)
Service: 7.5/10 (emailed the company and in less than 12 hrs they responded)
Quality: 8/10


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