I thought this subject title would be strange except I’m listening to a song that has a title like that.

It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote what’s on my mind. First off, I’m back! Lol, the two weeks in Asia is plenty. I have my moments where I care about it and then I’m also happy to be back in Canada. Sometimes you have to outweigh the pros and cons.

I had many instances where I wanted to write my thoughts of Asia but then I ended up stopping. So I guess I can start now and just go with what my mind wants to tell right now.

I took China Eastern Airlines to fly over to Hong Kong. There was suppose to be a layover in Shanghai. The flight was delayed for 3 hours so I sat in Pearson airport being bored. I remember walking back and forth in the hallway and just constantly going to Starbucks to get a drink. I wasn’t impressed, and I knew the flight to Shanghai would just take forever. Not to get into the technicals, yes I’m Chinese however I got judged constantly that I didn’t know Mandarin. I didn’t understand what the flight attendants wanted and they would give you a glare that you didn’t understand Mandarin. I’ve always felt so out of place and always not so sure where I’m suppose to fit in the spectrum of the Asian circle but honestly don’t judge me because I can’t speak the language.

My impression of landing the first time in Pudong Shanghai Airport. It was rainy and dark, it fitted my mood of how I felt about the airlines. If there is one thing you should know, I love the lights. So regardless of the thunderous rain, I was staring out of the window just looking at the ramp lights and how the plane circled around in order to find a place to park. The thing about lights is usually it’s always calming and provides a sense of comfort. I enjoyed looking at the rainbow effect of lights, it felt like Christmas lights actually. Regardless, I had a few minutes that I thought it wouldn’t be so bad. However after that, there were no gates for the plane to load us, so the plane parked in the middle of the runway and the shuttle bus decided to park itself in the middle of a giant swamp. My feet were soaked as I was wearing flats and it was cold and wet. It was 10pm when we arrived to Shanghai, and we already missed our connecting flight to Hong Kong. You would think the airline company would provide us with the closest hotel to sleep but instead they had to arrange everyone for 1 hr and then seat us in a bus which took another hour. The ride to the hotel was 45 minutes away from the airport, so as you can probably do the math, we arrived at the hotel at 12:45am. The bus decided to park in the middle of a swamp where we had to drag our luggage out from the bus, so my bags were soaked as well.

At the end of it, I finally arrived to Hong Kong but honestly I would never take this airline again. It’s not worth it even if the price was cheap. The agency doesn’t know what they’re doing and they’re so inefficient and not customer friendly.

I’m going to end my thought of my trip to Asia for now.

I said in my last post that someone came back. For the past few weeks, I’ve done what I used to do in the past. There’s hate and resentment but love which I’ll never understand. This is why I keep listening to this song over and over again. At the end of it, I know I’ll have to let go. I just don’t want to be hurt again.


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