No Contact

A few days of no contact. You wonder why it’s suppose to be the way it is. I keep playing the words over and over again but I’ve gotten no where. How does one respond to that?

My trip to Hong Kong. It was amazing besides the heat. In honesty, I’m glad to be in Canada. The one place worth while was seeing the lights at Victoria Harbour. If you ever have a chance to go, just stay there at night and watch the lights. If you haven’t noticed, I love lights. It reminded me of when I was on top of the Eiffel Tower and I watched the afternoon turn into the sunset and then the moon rose. It’s worth seeing the lights dance around. The movement of lines, the dancing and display of lights. The peaceful sound of the waters, and people chirping around talking about their life. It’s a scene that is worth watching and staying.

My grandma lives in a village in the New Territories. When you enter the village, you wonder how people live here on a day to day basis. It’s a remote section, that is worth exploring and getting lost. It brings back deja vu, when I was in HK 10 years ago, I used to run around the alley ways with my sister. There were stairs, drains, plants in ceramic pots and lots of clothes hanging outside getting air dried. The times when you were young and you didn’t care. Playing with stray cats and crying how much the mosquito bites were itchy and swollen. The village people must have changed in the amount of time that I haven’t been there. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is my grandma’s house. From when I was 4 years old til now, the layout has been the same. It’s walking into a moment that never changes. It brings back memories of being able to play cards with grandma in the small foldable table. Her wicker chair is still there. Her spot for the cigarettes are still in the same place. It’s unbelievable in a sense that we’ve advanced so much with different gadgets in our life and yet in my grandma’s house, the one thing that is new is a phone.


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