Today as I was walking to work, I realized how impatient one can be. At first, I thought why can’t people wait for the traffic light to turn red in order to cross the road. You could spend that time, looking at the sky, buildings or just your surroundings. Enjoy the moment while it lasts before mayhem hits. There were so many people crossing the streets and clearly it was an advanced green for the cars to turn left, yet people were impatient that they would rather be hit by a car. Honestly a minute isn’t going to kill you is it?

Yet as I was arguing with my mom, I realized I’m impatient. I realize that I want to leave. I took a job, believing that company culture, compensation was good. How can anyone say no to it after being at a toxic environment for so long. Except here I am, being impatient and wanting to leave. We all want personal happiness. We think short term and want that satisfaction to be fulfilled. So I’m wondering if I can swallow it and wait or hope another opportunity will come it’s way.


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