It’s been roughly a month since I’ve been on this blog.

What can I say, life has taken a turn. There’s always that phrase where life is like a rollercoaster or a game. There’s many ups and downs in life. I don’t believe I’ve sunk to the bottom and crashed.

I’ve learned one thing. I have expectations that need to be met. I’m sure that it’s no surprise that everyone has expectations but it took awhile and a long while to realize that. There were things that I’ve said to people which I said but never really thought it was a criterion. Now for the past three weeks I’ve learned I have an expectation of myself. We always say or ask ourselves what makes us happy yet that’s a part of it. I can relate only due to the amount of alcohol consumption I’ve had in the last few weeks has increased severely.

Regardless that’s when you make changes. I’ve taken another turn and can I say it’s not exactly something I’m proud of. I’ve learned that there’s a lot of blimps in my life. I hope that this time it will work out. I also hope that I will last.

My expectation has always been about growing and climbing up the mountain. So let’s just keep climbing and hopefully reaching the destination that we want to go.


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