Love Relationships

It’s funny to me how we all have different perspectives when it comes to being in a relationship. There are many times when I could argue about it and not understand from the other person’s perspective.

I say this because my sister and I have always had different views when being with someone. One person thinks with their heart and the other one is pretty logically and everything needs to be mapped out. Yet at the end, the perfect balance is combining both but it’s just an idea.

When you fall, you fall with emotion and I thought love wasn’t suppose to make sense. You have these feelings that come within making your world foggy without any explanation. You get that tingling feeling and wanting. You smile at the stupidest things but it makes you happy. When you don’t hear or see from them, your world feels like a grey cloud over you. These feelings are essentially mood swings from time to time.

However I guess the other side says, you fall but with your mind still grounded to realism. You think logically and you spend equal time amongst one another. You still communicate, but the picture isn’t suppose to blurry. You’re suppose to know with assurance that the future is bright and every path you take leads up to it.

Then again, maybe she’s right because out of the both of us, I fall the hardest and break the fastest.


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