A Start of 2017

So as everyone says, a brand new start to the new year. Everyone has goals and new resolutions to accomplish. We have all these thoughts of starting new, trying to be a better self than the last and etc.

We also spend time to reflect what we did last year and try not to mimic the bad. The funny thing is I’ve failed in the last three days of the new year. I went to a place I shouldn’t have and repeated the old. So I’m hoping that after those three days, I forget and just move on.

The way I started to recognize that it was a new year was cleaning my room. I think I go through a phase but I threw all the trash I didn’t want from clothes to papers and decor. The room itself looks exactly the same but there seems to be a relief. I’m tempted to throw away the eiffel tower painting I did a few years ago but for now I’ll keep it.

I dedicated a box of all the traveling things I had ie ticket stubs, plane tickets, maps, etc. But the one thing that’s in this box that really should be thrown is a cake box that I can’t let myself throw.

So what are your resolutions? What do you want to accomplish? Regardless of what your wishes are, I wish you happiness. I wish that what you want, you’ll receive.


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